Rejoinder: Hamburg Africa Ummah - The problem within (Part 2)

With much appreciation the narrative of the published on November 14th, 2014, on the topic above, was read and as much as the points on financial resource wastage as a result of disunity is rightly said so is the statement that “the problems of Hamburg Africa Ummah is the means of disunity for entire Africa Ummah in Europe” a gross exaggeration if not a great farce that is unfounded and a camouflage by some external perpetrators of Africa Ummah disunity to save face and to use Hamburg’s Ummah internal affairs as an excuse for the mess caused by some individuals from the European Ummah. If the statement from the is true, did they investigate to find out that Hamburg served as a platform for most Africa Ummah in various parts of Europe to come into existence? Or that our siblings in Belgium had their internal rapport, which even prevented them from accepting the interim Headquarters of the Africa Ummah in Europe when they were offered the opportunity in Helsinki, Finland; due to their geographical advantage? If the internal issues of Belgium Africa Ummah existed while Hamburg was still united, is it then logic to push the Africa Ummah Europe’s failure to sincerely take heed to advice and reform itself for sustainable unity to Hamburg’s internal affairs? Or what has Hamburg got to do with Spain’s Africa Ummah internal affairs or that of Finland? Efforts should be made to refrain from Nameemah on the hardworking Africa Ummah of Hamburg, who just like other Africa Ummah in other parts of the globe, are working towards re-unity. We should keep in mind the Prophet’s (S.A.W.) statement from an authentic hadith that “he who makes Namimah does not enter Paradise”. Mostly people engaged in spreading false rumours from point A to point Z will always find ways to cover up their moves but Allah is aware and is All-knowing of what transpires under the sun. Again Allah (S.W.T.) has admonished us in surat Al-Isra’a verse 36 “and do not follow that of which you have no knowledge.”

A point of scare for far-sighted mind is the fact that in our world today, anybody can use the verses of the Qur’an to put their cases across. It’s an undeniable fact that if a truth comes from the Satan one should take it but should acknowledge that Satan is himself untrustworthy are some who say: ‘We believe in Allah and the Last Day’ while in fact they do not believe. The”. As it was laid in surat Al-Munafiqun verses 8 to 9 “and of mankind, they try to deceive Allah and those who believe, while they only deceive themselves, and perceive (it) not!”.

Some people from outside Germany, on their visit to Hamburg, confronted individuals in Hamburg with issues that has to do with Hamburg, and as it was an intrusion were addressed to rather stay away and not to be the cause of inflaming what is happening in Hamburg. Those elements supported the efforts to disunite the Hamburg Ummah. Names withheld but ready to be published when appropriate. After all it is with the help of “outsiders” that Hamburg African Ummah disunited as “outsiders” supported and made pseudo promises to be with some parties.

It is sincerely advised that anybody behind such statement go back to their drawing boards and find ways of contributing productive pieces to support the ongoing efforts by the hardworking Hamburg Ummah to reunite in good faith. The Ummah of Hamburg has a challenge and they sincerely acknowledged that hence their official invitation of Europe’s Ulammah in the past to help mend the fences after internal efforts failed. Now they realized that they alone with the help of Allah (S.W.T.) can mend their fences and not outside efforts. Hamburg Ummah will, Insha Allah re-unite and all literary contribution and good words that will foster and enhance this effort is what should be done and not counter-productive and insensitive pieces of writing that could in end effect rather mare the ongoing efforts of unity. 

African Ummah Europe has her problems which is independent of Hamburg Ummah’s internal affairs for such issues existed in other countries before Hamburg’s issue outcropped. Africa Ummah Europe should rather concentrate on implementing the reform advises given to correct the mess caused by individuals who escaped from sincerely heeding to advice and leave the Hardworking Africa Ummah of Hamburg in peace. For the heinous  intervention of uninvited “outsiders” the Hamburg Africa Ummah will still be united but good the Ummah of Hamburg have now noticed this and commenced re-union efforts.

Ansar Fm

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